"Cancer research in Indiana would have been pretty sleepy had the Walther Cancer Foundation not existed to enable it to achieve national prominence." ~ Marietta Harrison, Director, Purdue University Oncological Sciences Center
"Without the support of the Walther Cancer Foundation, it is unlikely that the IU Simon Cancer Center would exist in its present form." ~ Patrick Loehrer, Director, IU Simon Cancer Center
"The faculty recruitment programs funded by Walther have been the central piece of building cancer research at Notre Dame." ~ Thomas Burish, Provost, University of Notre Dame
"Following unconventional lines of research requires support from unconventional sponsors. [Walther’s] willingness to sponsor visionary 'out-of-the-box' research has been unparalleled." ~ Don Bergstrom, Professor of Medicinal Chemistry, Purdue University
"Sustaining great research requires consistent funding. Institutions like the Walther Cancer Foundation have played important roles in supporting high-impact research. Great discoveries today will mean new treatment for cancer tomorrow." ~ Jack Dixon, Vice President and Chief Scientific Officer, Howard Hughes Medical Institute
Walther Cancer Foundation
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Walther Cancer Foundation (WCF) values initiatives that provide enhanced opportunities for innovative research and proposals designed to build long-term organizational quality and effectiveness. It is interested in empowering interactive research activities among disciplines and institutions. We also value opportunities to use foundation funds as leverage to secure larger grants and contracts from traditional funding sources.
Walther Cancer Foundation is committed to strengthening Indiana’s cancer research institutions by helping to build human capital.
The Walther Scholars Program provides:
• Start-up funds for major faculty recruitments in the basic and behavioral sciences
• Career Development Awards for clinical investigators
• Post-doctoral training grants for laboratory scientists
• Pre and Post-doctoral training grants for investigators in behavioral oncology.
The Foundation provides resources for innovative seed projects through university-specific and multi-institutional milestone based translational research programs.
WCF provides core support grants for collaborative research networks that bridge institutional and disciplinary boundaries.
Walther funds infrastructure support for new or enhanced core research services.
Recognizing the modest capability of our endowment funds, the Foundation works primarily through long-established relationships with Indiana’s university-based cancer research programs. It remains interested in finding opportunities to help build new partnerships and networks which include the active participation of these established research programs when our funding capacity permits. Recent economic circumstances in global markets currently limit this capability.  The Foundation does not pay indirect costs.
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